This Is A Test Of Our Emergency Guy Fieri Alert System

Here at The Takeout we like to be judicious in selecting promotions to share with readers, only reporting on those most likely to surprise or delight. It is thus our duty to inform you of a new campaign from Heluva Good!, makers of assorted cheeses, dips, and condiments, because it involves the shiniest star in the food world: Guy Fieri.

From now through September 10, customers can enter to win the Heluva Good! Fully Loaded sweepstakes by submitting their best recipe ideas for a "Fully Loaded" creation—that is, some sort of imaginative, over-the-top snack or meal that involves Heluva Good! product(s) as an ingredient(s). There's also an option to submit a photo of the finished product. The grand prize winner will be able to sit for a one-on-one virtual chat with Guy Fieri, who will "share his very own tips for creating Fully Loaded creations at home." While the terms of the contest mean that entrants are free to submit any type of meal ideas they wish ("no exact definition!" a representative told The Takeout), true fans of the Mayor of Flavortown know better than to submit anything egg-adjacent.

There's no indication of how long this virtual chat with the Food Network deity will run, but it's time for us diehards to put on our thinking caps and brainstorm all the ways to make such a meeting as unforgettable as possible. How can every minute be milked for all it's worth? Would you ask him to share fond memories of his childhood business, the Awesome Pretzel Cart, or maybe drop some not-so-subtle hints that, seeing as how you won the prestigious Heluva Good Fully Loaded sweepstakes, surely you're a good enough home chef to appear on a future season of Guy's Ranch Kitchen?