Conspiracy Theory Could Explain Why McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Always "Broken"

Has anyone on earth ever had a good experience with McDonald's ice cream? Seriously, I want to know, because I'm pretty sure it's an impossibility. What is even more curious than the dysfunction of their ice cream machines is that I still, for some reason, try to order McFlurrys with the expectation that the simple transaction will somehow not end up in disaster. I don't even like McFlurrys all that much! I guess, subconsciously, I must order McFlurrys for the same reason people slow down to ogle a car crash, or perhaps it's some sort of masochism covered with strawberry sauce. But could this viral tweet making the rounds this week hold the answers to one of McDonald's greatest mysteries?

Granted, there is absolutely no proof that this person has ever worked at McDonald's, nor is there proof that what the tweet posits is true. It is, however, a plausible and somewhat satisfying explanation. If you've ever worked at McDonald's and can confirm this, let us know in the comments. Hell, feel free to confirm this even if you haven't worked at McDonald's. We just want answers.