What Your Warm Drink Preference Tells Us About Your Very Soul

A Twitter trend asks: is a coffee order ever really just a coffee order?

I don't think my coffee order indicates anything meaningful about my true nature. At present, I drink so much cream in my coffee you'd think I was Louis XVI incarnate, more suited to chugging milk in a gilded palace than my 1.5-bedroom apartment with a broken dishwasher and a house centipede problem. Last year, I ditched the coffee in favor of Constant Comment black tea, which could suggest I'm someone's cool aunt who throws pottery in her spare time and owns only linen pants. Hell, when I was 21, I favored black Cafe Bustelo in an effort to impress a dude who would later complain that I had somehow disrespected his Kurt Vonnegut paperback collection.

Do these warm drink preferences actually say anything about my personality? That seems to be the question at the core of one of today's leading Twitter trends. The hashtag #WarmDrink is trending, alongside the keywords "eggs" and "medium rare," and it's all part of a Twitter game that involves sharing your egg, steak, milk, booze, and "warm drink" preferences in order to reveal your true self.

The trend appears to have originated via the Twitter account of one Thomas Novelly, a reporter for South Carolina news source The Post and Courier. At least, that's according to the screenshot accompanying the Twitter game, which is an undated tweet from Novelly's account. "You can tell a lot about a person by these categories," Novelly tweeted. "I'll play along." He then presents a tidy list that asks people for their preferences on eggs, steak, milk, alcohol, and "warm drink."

Can you really tell a lot about a person by their warm drink preferences? It's unclear based on the responses to the Twitter game. Take, for example, the user who tweeted "idk I used to get the French vanilla cappuccino at 7-Eleven that was nice," or the one who simply wrote "tears." What do you think, readers? Are warm drink preferences a simple indicator of personal cravings, or do they represent something more? Either way, just for kicks, here are my responses to the Twitter prompt:

  • Eggs: Basted over medium
  • Steak: Medium-rare
  • Milk: Unsweet vanilla almond milk (generic, not Silk, because I'm not made of cash)
  • Alcohol: Easy-drinking wheat beers and/or malbec
  • Warm drink: Coffee a la Louis XVI (buttloads of cream, no sugar)
  • Okay, your turn!