Please Respect The Tiny Whisk

I will admit that, at first, I only wanted the whisk because it was adorable and hilarious. In the years since, though, the whisk has proven to be one of the most used utensils in my kitchen.

Tiny whisks are the perfect size for mixing most things, if you're cooking for yourself or a small group. While full-sized whisks are great for baking and making large quantities of sauces, the tiny whisk is a perfect small buddy when you only need enough chipotle ranch for a couple of people, or just for yourself. I recently used my tiny whisk to make myself a small dessert of ricotta, walnuts, and Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Spread. The spread can be a little firm and difficult to mix into something delicate like ricotta, but it was a breeze with the tiny whisk.

If you keep your cooking utensils in a drawer, you are likely familiar with the awful things that full-sized whisks do in drawers. They catch, they jam, they tangle, they rattle about, and are horrible. The tiny whisk, meanwhile, fits effortlessly into a utensil drawer. You will never have to worry about damaging a tiny whisk when you open a drawer. If you use a countertop utensil holder instead of a drawer, you can just stow your little friend with the cutlery instead.

The argument might be made that a tiny whisk could be substituted with a fork. While a fork can certainly beat an egg, it doesn't do so as efficiently as a whisk, and in my experience the result isn't as fluffy. A fork can't froth a single mug of hot chocolate, either. Additionally: a fork is normal-sized and does not make me laugh very hard, saying, "Look at this little guy! C'mon!"

The argument could also be made that tiny whisks are hard to clean. Clean the tiny whisk before anything dries on it, and you will be fine. The only times I've had trouble cleaning a tiny whisk were when I waited too long, and that is no fault of the tiny whisk.

The tiny whisk is good. Before you dismiss it as silly and unnecessary, I ask you to think of all the things that require a full-sized whisk. Now, how often do you make those things when you're not entertaining? When's the last time you whisked something just for you? Don't you deserve a tiny dessert, or a tiny portion of curry mayo for your single turkey sandwich? Just look at how small a tiny whisk is, think of all it can do for you, and understand that the tiny whisk is worthy of love.