Last Call: I Admit I Have Already Tried The White Castle Sloppy Joe Slider

I am one of those people who should just go ahead and book my Valentine's Day table for White Castle. Growing up on the south side of Chicago like I did, with several WCs close by, it was a definite staple of my teenage diet. I live on a different side of the city now, but I still know where the closest White Castle is (Addison and Kedzie). And I was driving right by there on my way to the Target when I saw the sign announcing the 99-cent Sloppy Joe Slider. I also love Sloppy Joes. I also was starving. So I hit the drive-thru for two of these unfamiliar sandwiches, with total bill of $2.27.

My verdict: a solid B. It didn't taste any better or worse than Sloppy Joes usually do, and I like them. The only problem, actually, was this was definitely not a drive-thru item. That word "sloppy" is there for a reason. My two sliders made for an extremely messy in-car, pre-Target snack, so no more Sloppy Joe Sliders on the road. But I might buy a few sitting down at that V-Day dinner. [Gwen Ihnat]

Cook this: Lamb meatballs with raisin pesto

My college friends and I have an ongoing email chain whose sole purpose is to share good recipes. Not recipes that you make and then say "yeah, okay, that was fine," but the recipes that are so good you need to instantly share them with everyone you know. Maybe strangers, too. This Bon Appetit recipe for lamb meatballs with raisin pesto is my latest contribution to the email thread. I know, raisin pesto sounds weird, but it's not; it's sweet and herbal and minty and delicious and please slot this into next week's dinner rotation. You're welcome. [Kate Bernot]