White Castle Employees, Meet Flippy The Robot

Flippy's here to take over the deep fryer at White Castle.

It has been 105 days since we learned that the robots had infiltrated White Castle. The dastardly automaton that stormed its hallowed 99-year-old gates was none other than our old friend Flippy, the disembodied mechanical arm that will most certainly never use its cold metal talons to claw at the skull of an assistant manager.

After allowing Flippy to stage at one of its restaurants, White Castle has announced plans to adopt some of Flippy's siblings from their creator, Miso Robotics. The restaurant chain will be deploying them in 2021 at ten additional locations to steal jobs the hearts of customers. Let's take a look at some of the fine work Flippy's been doing on the line:

Look at it go! Flippy has grown so much since it was first introduced two years ago at Pasadena Caliburger (and was quickly fired for sucking at its job). Now, Flippy has evolved its technologies into a sleek beast called Robot-on-a-Rail, or ROAR, which features eyes a camera that allows it to perceive and interpret the world in 3D, sensors that can track the humans monitor cooking temperatures, and enhanced AI abilities to overthrow its oppressors quickly adapt to new menu items. You'll also notice in the video above that this new iteration of Flippy is cordoned off from White Castle staff by a plexiglass shield, ostensibly to repress its desires to crush every larynx it sees provide the highest levels of food safety during these unprecedented times.

"Our platform has become increasingly powerful and intelligent – allowing us to quickly scale, integrate into operations and show our ability to help keep customer service standards on par with White Castle's industry reputation of excellence," said said Buck Jordan, President and Chairman of Miso Robotics, in a press release that was, might I add, sent directly to The Takeout with a note commending us on our ongoing robot coverage. What else do you want to know about service industry robots' takeover? Let us know in the comments.