Future White Castle Beer Better Be Available By The Crave Case

Weyerbacher Brewery is working its way out of bankruptcy by appealing to an important niche market: people who need beer with their White Castles. It's really quite amazing that no one has ever thought of this before, so congratulations Weyerbacher. May you live long and prosper as you deserve.

Beer industry site Brewbound reports that Easton, Pennsylvania-based Weyerbacher developed a pilot beer in collaboration with White Castle earlier this year, a kölsch called—naturally—Slider Beer. It will be available on draft in select White Castle locations, and Weyerbacher's COO James Lampe says that it goes well with burgers. (Comments on the beer-rating Untappd were sparse, but overwhelmingly positive.) Weyerbacher is also hoping to sell a canned version in grocery stores that stock frozen White Castle sliders.

It's unclear when this beer will actually hit White Castle; a White Castle exec told Food & Wine that beer is one of the major changes that are afoot in anticipation of the chain's 100th birthday in 2021 and that he and his team were "enjoying the creative process." It's also unclear where the beer will be available. Lampe promises that it will be in approximately 400 White Castles in 13 states. (Neither Weyerbacher nor White Castle are national brands; they overlap in just seven states—New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin—but Lampe says Weyerbacher plans to expand its distribution.)

But hey, it's something to look forward to, right?