Last Call: White Bean Kale Soup, But Make It Summery

Our garden grows kale and chard like weeds. When the weather gets cooler, those are a key component to a modern classic: kale and white bean soup. I love the flavors in that rich soup—earthy and virtuous kale, smooth and creamy white beans, slightly spicy sausage. But it doesn't feel very appropriate coming off the hottest month pretty much ever.

I've found a solution: Just turn that soup into a skillet. I've made this Budget Bytes recipe and like its inclusion of sundried tomatoes, but you can make a version of a kale and white beans skillet with most anything on hand. It takes about 15 minutes, tops. Here's how I make mine:

Saute garlic and maybe some onions or shallots in olive oil. Add sausage (or bacon) to brown, if you're using it. Stir in white beans, plus any herbs you might have on hand. Then, throw in the kale. Garnish with heaps of grated Parmesan.

I've found this to be a reliable canvas for using up cherry tomatoes, spinach subbed in for kale, and even squash that's always bountiful around this time, too. Just don't forget skimp on the good Parmesan.