Wanna Earn Some Cheddar? Have We Got A Job For You!

Do you love cheese? (Who doesn't?) Do you love Whisps Cheese Crisps? More importantly, do you have strong feelings about Whisps Cheese Crisps? If so, read on.

Whisps is searching for a product tester/brand ambassador, a position that it has decided to call The Big Cheese. (Wouldn't that look amazing on a resume?) And, yes, it is paid! Twenty-five dollars an hour! Okay, so they think it should only take you five a month to eat through your regular cheese shipment(!), but it's all pre-paid in the form of a stipend. Plus you get training in how to taste cheese, which presumably means you will be able to throw around fancy cheese-tasting terms like a pro. And then you'll get $2,000 to attend the World Championship Cheese Contest in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. In 2022. But, hey, it's something to look forward to, right?

Whisps is currently accepting applications. The winner will be announced July 25, which is the same day applications close, which makes me think that it's probably advisable not to wait until the very last minute if you want to be seriously considered. Good luck to all, and may the best cheese win.