Whip Up Some Pantry Pasta And Feel Like A True Chef

Welcome to the latest episode of What's In The House?, in which The Takeout's casting director, Stephanie Potakis, cooks and bakes her way through an unfamiliar kitchen. We say "unfamiliar" because this isn't Stephanie's kitchen at all—she's been house sitting for her aunt and uncle ever since stay-at-home orders began. Now several weeks into isolation, Stephanie is testing out her most ambitious recipe yet: pasta sauce.

Pasta is perhaps the best catchall meal there is. You can incorporate leftover veggie scraps, random canned goods you find in the pantry, and meat that's on its last good day. There's almost no way to mess it up, and there's no pressure to make it look beautiful, because there are no dinner guests to impress these days. So go ahead, make some overdue-for-a-trip-to-the-grocery-store pasta. Stephanie will walk (and sing) you through it.