With Absolutely No Elaboration...which Foods Have Given You Food Poisoning?

Raw or undercooked flour can carry harmful germs. Have any foods made you similarly ill?

Today, we learned that buckwheat flour is a common cause of food poisoning. More than 400 people in Delhi were recently hospitalized after consuming it, and flour is, according to the CDC, one of the top 10 foods associated with foodborne illness. A substance that forms the basis of nearly everything we eat wielding the power to make us gravely ill? How fun!

Have you ever been made sick by raw or undercooked flour? Have you ever gotten food poisoning from something else in the CDC's top ten?

Look, we don't want details. Let me be very clear about that. We assure you, we don't need to know the precise manner in which you got sick, or how bad that felt. A number of us have experienced it and we already know. Trust us.

We are, however, curious to see whether certain culprits are more pervasive than others. My own worst food poisoning experience was related to frozen chicken wings in a bulk bag from Costco. This seems statistically sound. (This, by the way, is as descriptive as we prefer that you get with your responses. "Frozen chicken wings." Full stop. Thank you for your discretion!)

Moreover, if you have suffered the curse of food poisoning, did you ever return to enjoying that food eventually, or has it remained permanently "ruined" for you, never to be craved again? Let us know in the comments. And please, spare us the specifics.