Which Chocolate Flavor Does Your State Taste Like?

If you could condense your home state into a single flavor, what would it be? I'm from Missouri, and I think it tastes like a highly chuggable red ale infused with just a touch of river water (in a good way). But chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix thinks Missouri tastes like vanilla custard—at least, based on his new Taste of America chocolate collection, with 50 unique pieces of chocolate to represent the 50 states.

Food & Wine reports that Rix, who runs Phillip Ashley Chocolates and has been called the "Real-Life Willy Wonka," is nearly ready to start shipping his new Taste of America collection. "I've always wondered what America would taste like if it were a box of chocolate," Rix told Food & Wine. "So, I decided to create my vision for it." Chocolate varieties include Sea Salt Kettle Chips and Pretzels (Pennsylvania), Peaches & Cream (Georgia), CBD (a very cheeky nod to Colorado), and Pumpkin, representing my current state of residence, Illinois.

Food & Wine reports that the startlingly patriotic box also features a gold inscription of the preamble of the U.S. Constitution. "At the end of the day, we may look different, but we are all human beings trying to achieve our respective goals," Rix says. "And we're all in this box of chocolates together." The collection is now available for pre-order on the Phillip Ashley Chocolates website.