Last Call: Which Bands Should Have Their Own Cooking Show?

I first learned about the Mongolian throat-singing metal band The HU from my former coworker Philip, who was the music editor at the newspaper where we worked and also wrote a long-running column called "Beer And Metal." He knows a lot about both those things and was always happy to talk about them, especially on Tuesday nights, production night, when we were stuck in the office till late.

The HU uses traditional Mongolian musical instruments, including throat singing. It's heavy on the drums. It has an eerie sound. I really got to like it even though I couldn't understand the lyrics. (It was also a good background soundtrack to proofreading.) I also liked the videos, which sometimes showed the Mongolian steppe.

This week, I learned from Philip, via Twitter, that The HU has a cooking show on YouTube. It's called HU's In The Kitchen? and it's up to 14 episodes. The most recent features the band members making a fried beef dumpling together called "huushuur," or as one member calls it "HUushuur." (Because why not?) If you grew in Mongolia, it's the taste of summer: "wrestling, archery, and horse-racing." They seem to be having a good time together (though one of them wonders what their wives will think when they watch the video: "They're like, 'You do nothing at home, that's BS!'") and the whole thing is really sweet and endearing. The one thing it's missing is a recipe, because those huushuur look delicious.

It also made me wonder which other bands should have cooking shows. Allison suggested this guy. For some reason, the only singer I could think of was Leonard Cohen, even though he's dead. But if he were resurrected for a cooking show, I imagine he would be wearing a suit with a chef's apron over it, and he would speak very slowly and sonorously and deliberately about potato salad, which, as I learned from this New Yorker profile, he had very strong feelings about. I'm sure the Leonard Cohen Cooking Show would also include nuggets of spiritual wisdom, and I'd hope there would be an episode devoted to Montreal bagels, the greatest food of his hometown.

Which other musicians should have their own cooking show?