Let These 4/20 Fast Food Deals Make You Briefly Feel Normal Again

Happy 4/20, readers. It's the one day of lockdown that actually probably won't feel too much different than 4/20s of yore. Getting inappropriately stoned by yourself on your couch? Check. Wandering over to the park, then realizing you don't actually want to be near anyone else, thus keeping a weird distance between yourself and others? Check. Ordering a whole bunch of fast food because going into a restaurant would be too much right now? Check. Thankfully, for that last bit, the folks at Thrillist have compiled a whole list of food deals from national chains to take advantage of today. Here are some of our personal can't-misses:

  • Sign up for the Arby's email list and you'll get a coupon for a free signature sandwich. Free sandwich! Even your most inebriated brain can understand the power of those two words.
  • Del Taco. 10 tacos. $4.20. Boom. (Also: use code DELTACONOW for free delivery on Postmates.)
  • If you spend more than $5 on Tim Hortons via UberEats, you'll get a free order of Timbits—Canadian for "donut hole."
  • Get a free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit with any Wendy's mobile app purchase.
  • White Castle is going all in on the holiday, serving the "Muncheese Meal"—a double cheese Slider, a three-pack of cheese sticks, cheese sauce, and a small drink for, you guessed it, $4.20. Just make sure you're high enough to crave White Castle.
  • Those are our favorites, but basically every fast food restaurant has at least a delivery discount code these days. Check out the full list before you make your deservedly gluttonous meal selection later today. While nothing feels as it should these days, let's enjoy a brief return to normalcy from the confines of our stoned brains.