Naturdays Frozen Icicles Are The Perfect Way To End A Day Of Bad Decisions

I'm nearly fully vaccinated, and I'm already planning my summertime debauchery. I'm also a Grade A Loser, so "debauchery" mostly looks like doing crosswords on a brewery patio, tanning my lily-white thighs at the park, and maybe even procuring brunch. It's a nonstop party over here. And what better way to punctuate a day of certifiably wild behavior than with a Natty Light-flavored ice pop?

Yesterday, Natural Light announced the rollout of Naturdays Frozen Icicles: 8% ABV ice pops sold in Naturdays' signature varieties, Food & Wine reports. If you've never had the pleasure of sipping Naturdays, they're essentially fruity Natty Light beers. And now, fans can enjoy them in frozen ice pop form.

Frozen Icicles will hit store shelves later this month in 12-packs featuring a mix of Naturdays Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Lemonade beer flavors. Food & Wine reported that, interestingly enough, the pops are made with a flavored malt beverage base and will not be sold frozen. You'll have to toss them in the freezer yourself. Food & Wine also explains that, while the Icicles are 8% ABV compared to liquid Naturdays' 4.2%, the ice pops are only 2 fluid ounces apieceā€”or the equivalent of drinking about a third of a beer. Still, keep these separate from the Bomb Pops, especially if you have curious kiddos around. Let the summer of questionable choices begin! Now, hand me my crossword and PILOT G2 ink pen.