Milk Bar Ice Cream Now Available Online For Us Poor Saps Who Don't Live On The Coasts

Milk Bar just dropped Birthday Cake Ice Cream pints on its website.

According to my calculations, we've all racked up at least one pandemic birthday. Some of us born earlier in the year were cursed with double the dismay as we sat indoors, blowing a proverbial party horn and trying to remember what parties felt like. But this year, one brand is offering the potential for a tasty do-over: Milk Bar just dropped Birthday Cake Ice Cream pints on its website, which seems like a reason to celebrate regardless of your exact birth date. Well, maybe. They're $48 for a four-pack.

The brand launched Milk Bar pints, inspired by the bakery's signature sweets, at Whole Foods back in June. That marked the first time Milk Bar offered ice cream outside of its bakeries. But Whole Foods locations are few and far between in some parts of the country, so if you've been gunning for a pint, this might be your lucky day. If you're willing to spend $48.

The pints are available on Milk Bar's website among Milk Bar's selection of very pretty birthday cakes, cookie tins, and other treats. The Birthday Cake Ice Cream product description reads:

"You *know* we had to bring Birthday to your freezer, too. Get all the childhood flavor of our award-winning Birthday Cake packed into a hot pink pint with B'Day cake flavored ice cream, B'Day crumbs, and ribbons of B'Day frosting. Pair with a gooey slice of Milk Bar Pie, Cookies for an ice cream sammie, or Birthday Cake for double the B'Day party."

The pints are now available in packs of four for overnight shipping nationwide. Per a press release sent to The Takeout, Milk Bar is also gearing up to offer its full fleet of signature ice cream flavors (Cereal Milk, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, and Milk Bar Pie) online, likely sometime this fall. Just one final disclaimer that the four-pack is, in fact, $48. Happy birthday to you!