These Brands Are Rushing To Save The Choco Taco

Regional chains and local shops put their spin on the disappearing frozen treat.

In a classic case of "You don't know whatcha got till it's gone," the internet mourned the Choco Taco this week, when Klondike, the manufacturer, announced it will discontinue the production of the frozen treat.

People flocked to their local groceries in search of the final few boxes, eBay started its bidding, and merch began selling like tacos on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the creative folks at Salt & Straw, the artisanal ice cream shop that began in Portland, Oregon and has since expanded to much of the West Coast and some of Florida (including both coasts' Disney parks), began planning their own way to bring us our frozen taco happiness.

The reincarnation of the Choco Taco

The brand announced on Instagram that it will bring us its own take on the Choco Taco on October 4, in celebration of National Taco Day. This dessert, the Chocolate Tacolate, was previously served at the company's Portland soft serve offshoot, Wiz Bang, which (very sadly for me) was a pandemic casualty. I'm thrilled by the return of the cinnamon, chocolate, and salty dessert, even though Salt & Straw says it will only carry the taco for a limited time.


"The Chocolate Tacolate features a handmade waffle cone as a taco shell, stuffed with cinnamon ancho ice cream, dipped in single-origin chocolate, and sprinkled with flaky salt," reads a description in a statement sent to The Takeout.

"It captured a certain zeitgeist that has such relevance for so many, and we want to ensure it doesn't go away," said Salt & Straw co-founder Tyler Malek in the statement. "Our limited edition creation is handmade, and captures the level of intent and thoughtfulness that we put in all our ice cream. We can't wait to share it again."

Where to find gourmet Choco Tacos

Other local chains all over the country are coming to the rescue as well. Poco Loco in Atlanta is teaming up with ice cream shop Butter and Cream to bring you the Loco Cocoa, a chocolate taco of their own invention.


Meanthile, Oybar in Los Angeles promises to have its Choco Taco riff at the ready for you by the time you stumble over there, promise. (It's not clear how long the promotion will last, but the taco looks good.)

While you may not get to have your childhood nostalgia or late night drunken frozen snack attack quenched with the classic Choco Taco purchased at a convenience store or from an ice cream truck, you perhaps can have a fancier, classed-up version from your favorite local ice cream shop or bar.