Give The Hoagies A Rest: Wawa's Doing Burgers Now

Utter two very specific syllables, and you'll summon a High Octane Megazord full of Philadelphians. The syllables in question: "Wawa." (Okay, that's one syllable repeated, if you want to get really technical.) If you're unfamiliar, Wawa is a Pennsylvania-based East Coast convenience store chain—but it's more than that, really. To the Pennsylvania expats in my life, Wawa evokes a taste of home, of water ice ("wooter ice") and driving a dune buggy up the art museum steps after the Birds win the Super Bowl. The chain, known for its coffee and signature hoagies, has recently entered the dinner scene with a more robust offering: burgers and fries.

Eater Philly reports that, like the chain's other pre-prepared meals, Wawa's new Angus Burgers will offer a "paralyzing number of ingredients and add-ons" via in-store touch screens. Thrillist reports that the burgers debut alongside several other entrees (pasta bowls, et al) as part of Wawa's brand-new dinner menu, available every day after 4 p.m. Customers can order the burger in-store, via third-party delivery services DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates and Uber Eats, and for curbside pickup.

Wawa's website explains that the burgers are "the first of many new dinner items to come." Will Wawa customers ever associate Wawa with dinnertime? I floated the idea past two of my beloved East Coasters and got the following replies: "I miss Philly." "I miss New Jersey." "I miss Wawa and Gobblers and Hoagiefest." "I would crush a Wawa hoagie." Seems safe to assume that Wawa's customer base is loyal enough to spend their water ice-encrusted dollars at the chain for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.