When You Make DIY Chipotle Bowls, You Get All The Guac You Want

It's a new week, which means it's time for another installment of What's In The House?, The Takeout's cooking show on how to make meals in quarantine. Stephanie has been cooking up a storm to pass the time while house-sitting for her aunt and uncle, and this week's recipe might be her best effort yet: DIY Chipotle burrito bowls. Yes, there's plenty of nacho cheese sauce involved.

A burrito bowl at home is as customizable as the one you build at Chipotle: just use whatever ingredients you have on hand and don't overthink it. Mix and match whatever salsas you have on hand. Add meat, or skip it and go vegetarian—it'll be delicious either way. And when it comes to avocado, as always, follow your heart. It's your kitchen, and no one is charging you $1.80 for a scoop of guac here.