Only 14 Days Until The Great British Baking Show Returns!

It's time for another season of joy, laughter, and jokes about Paul Hollywood.

Last week was my second anniversary here at The Takeout, and to celebrate, I decided to eat half a cake while revisiting my earliest contributions to the greatest food publication on the whole damn internet. I've written well over one thousand articles in that time, but the very first one was a recap of The Great British Baking Show (season 10, episode 1). And now here I am, two years later, getting my brain all limbered up for yet another rollicking adventure through the merriest tent in England. Time really does fly when you're having fun, doesn't it?

Netflix has officially announced that the new season of The Great British Baking Show is dropping stateside on Friday, September 24, at the stroke of midnight, which means it's time for me to start sleep training for this newest season of recaps. Recapping television is an art form, and I have developed a deep soul bond with this uniquely Anglo-Saxon programme. Though it has disappointed me more and more with with every passing year I still can't get enough of it, because God almighty do I love making fun of Paul Hollywood.

Even if the past two Mary Berry–less years have taught me not to get my hopes up about the new season, I feel safe in saying that the first episode will probably be amazing. Why? Because regardless of where it ends up, The Great British Baking Show always comes hard out of the gate. Week One, like always, will be Cake Week. Shall we take a moment to remember last year's cake week? Yes, we shall.

If you'd like to know what the hell those cakes are supposed to be, check out last season's Cake Week recap. I'm not going to give away the answer here, because I want it to be a surprise.