What's In Snoop Dogg And Jack In The Box's $4.20 Stoner's Combo?

The munchies have set in, and you're not sure whether you want greasy tacos, Sourdough Jacks, or seasoned curly fries. Or perhaps your cognitive functions are hazy at best, and you prefer a Snoop Dogg-curated deep-fried grab bag. Have we got great news for you, wasteoids.

Enter Jack in the Box's Snoop-branded "Merry Munchie Meals," which will debut early January in Long Beach, California, to coincide with the state's legalization of recreational marijuana. The $4.20—of course—combos include a stoner's cornucopia, San Francisco Business Times reports:

  • 3 chicken strips
  • 2 tacos
  • 5 mini churros
  • French fries
  • Onion rings
  • A small drink
  • If the munchie meals perform well, Jack in the Box plans to expand them across California.

    "We are about welcoming all of our guests, no matter what they're craving or why they're craving it," Iwona Alter, chief marketing officer for Jack in the Box, tells Bloomberg.

    The Snoop Dogg connection comes in the form of his Merry Jane brand, whose pot leaf symbol will grace the munchie meal boxes. Also according to Bloomberg, the new combo meals play off a long-standing love affair between weed and fast food (who knew?) and even the $4.20 price tag references "a code by potheads." Sneaky!

    The real genius here is not just that Jack in the Box is straight-up marketing to stoners, but that they're alleviating one of the most dreaded portions of any high visit to a fast-food restaurant: the actual ordering. You want, like, 17 different foods, but all the combo options seem complicated, and doesn't tacos-plus-chicken strips-plus-churros seem like way too weird of an order, and suddenly coherently choosing from the menu board just seems like a lot of pressure.

    The Merry Munchie Meals are a beautiful North star, twinkling "hey, this box contains all the disparate salty-sweet-fried shit your pothead brain demands and it's less than $5." If only all fast food chains could do smokers such a service.