Another Dispatch From The Fast Food Breakfast Wars

Wendy's may be launching its new breakfast menu next year, but Whataburger already has a breakfast menu, so who's the real winner here? Alabama news site took a serious look at Whataburger's latest breakfast offering, the Breakfast Burger.

"When this thing debuted a few weeks ago," Lawrence Specker writes, "it probably seemed like the answer to a question nobody had asked: 'Hey, I can't decide whether I want breakfast or lunch, so can I get a cheeseburger and a breakfast sandwich mashed together on one bun? And can you just stuff the hash browns in there too?'"

The whole thing, Specker writes, is amazingly successful. You can even hold it in one hand while you're driving. The only things it's missing are some hot sauce and a bit of crunch in the hash browns. "It's served from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m., meaning Whataburger is aiming this squarely at the up-all-night crowd. That seems shrewd. After an evening of bad decisions, sometimes what you need is ballast. This should help taper things down nicely." And you know what? It does look pretty tasty. I'd eat one right now, if it weren't after 11 a.m. and the nearest Whataburger weren't 600 miles away.

Meanwhile, Chipotle has finally taken a stand with respect to breakfast. CFO Jack Hartung tells Yahoo Business News that the company will continue not to have breakfast. (Chipotle has already declined to take part in the plant-based meat frenzy.) During traditional fast-food breakfast hours, he said, Chipotle employees are already at work prepping fresh ingredients for lunch. They could use machines the way Taco Bell does, but then, well, it wouldn't be Chipotle.