Whataburger Chicago Shirt For Sale, Presumably To Enrage Texans

Who, precisely, is the market for this new shirt proclaiming Whataburger "Chicago's Most Famous Texas Hamburger Chain"?

It's rubbing Texans' nose in the recent news that its most beloved homegrown fast-food chain is now owned by a Chicago-based bank, but who would want to do said nose-rubbing? Most native Chicagoans wouldn't have any connection to Whataburger, aside from perhaps eating there on a road trip, so why would they suddenly want to lord it over Texans? And Texas natives who've moved to Chicago wouldn't be thrilled about the new ownership either, presumably. I understand that Raygun shirts is trolling, but I just don't understand who's going to help them do it.

The shirt does seem to be having its desired effect, if divisive comments on Raygun's Instagram post are any indication. One commenter says they'd like to buy the shirt to "trigger my fellow Houstonians," to which I say: weird flex but okay.