What's Your State's Favorite Sandwich?

Hey, guess what? Insider has gone ahead and created another list that we can fight over. Because that's what we all need this fine Monday morning. This one is "the most iconic sandwiches in every state." Insider did not describe its methodology for choosing these sandwiches, and the list is in the form of a nearly 12-minute video, so sorry Wyoming. (Well, okay, you could also skip ahead.)

Some of the selections are of the no-duh variety: pork tenderloin for Indiana, loose meat for Iowa, Cuban sandwich for Florida, burnt ends for Missouri, hot chicken for Tennessee, Philly cheesesteak for Pennsylvania. Others show some appreciation of local culture: runza for Nebraska and fry bread taco for Arizona. (For the record, both Carolinas get pulled pork; South Carolina is distinguished by gold sauce.) Other choices are more suspect: Is the Tillamook cheese factory reason enough to make grilled cheese the favorite sandwich of Oregon? Is one sandwich at one sandwich shop—the Bobbie at Capriotti's—truly representative of the entire state of Delaware? If you don't believe hot dogs/sausages or burgers qualify as true sandwiches, you'll also take issue with a few of the choices. But isn't that really the point of these lists anyway?