What's In A $100 Meatball?

Hey, how are you going to celebrate National Meatball Day? Don't worry, it's not until March 9. You still have time—probably at least one more pay period.

See, a Manhattan restaurant is already promoting its celebratory daylong upgraded take on its Kobe beef meatballs. The NY Daily News reports that Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse will sell a $100 meatball "made with wagyu beef and winter truffles and stuffed with truffle caciocavallo cheese and foie gras. It's topped with a creamy shallot and champagne sauce." Executive chef Juan Tourn explains, "We wanted to utilize some of the finest ingredients available to provide our guests with a decadent and unique tasting experience available for one day only." It's perfect for the patron who enjoys lighting their Cohiba Habana cigars with $100 bills.

If you're worried that that $100 price tag won't leave you with much coin for anything else, don't worry! Davio's is tossing in a glass of red wine—a 2012 Prunotto Barolo—with your overpriced meatball. The restaurant will only sell this offshore island of a meatball on March 9 only, so if you miss this, there's a Sbarro down the street you can go 25 times instead.