Last Call: What Post-Quarantine Plans Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Depending on where you live, what your line of work is, and how healthy you feel, you might be halfway through week one of self-imposed quarantine or week three. And depending on how strictly you chose to adhere to social distancing guidelines before they became shelter-in-place mandates, you might have preemptively canceled a whole lot of plans while others were still heading out for one last hurrah at Disneyland or wherever. Weddings, vacations, the James Beard Awards—events that so recently seemed absolute and immovable have become let's-wait-and-see affairs. The point is, we've all had to take fun stuff off the docket. What are you most excited to ink into your calendars once more, when the time comes?

I've seen more than a few tweets mentioning how great it'll be to just head to a bar to drink a beer among other people at some point in the future. The camaraderie factor we're all missing right now is certainly understandable, as is the need for ambiance that you didn't create in your own living room with a city neighborhoods map poster and various Target Room Essentials. My own version of that pipe dream is to attend one of the half dozen concerts that have been canceled at some of my favorite Chicago music venues this season. While some people feel claustrophobic in the crowds of a general admission show, I tend to find those crowds equal parts anonymizing and relaxing. And depending on the venue, the beer selection can be pretty good, too.

And, of course, the restaurants. The farmers markets. The ever-so-browsable candy stores. All the places that sell you a sense of place as much as a bag of produce or nonpareils. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then I hope that fondness doesn't fade with presence. Once we're reunited with our local treasures again, I hope we can find ways to stay grateful.

So, what are you antsy for?