Parched Americans Can't Stop Chugging Cool Blue Gatorade

Sometimes when you are a writer—nay, a wordsmith—you read a PR email that you just know is gonna ignite some conversation. This morning, we received an email from a Gatorade rep who cited internal sales data to share the following potentially controversial news: Cool Blue is America's favorite Gatorade flavor.


Hmm. Certainly something to consider.

The company rep shared that American Gatorade consumers favor the following five flavors (in order):

  1. Cool Blue
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Lemon Lime
  4. Glacier Freeze
  5. Orange

The news ignited a spirited discussion here at The Takeout, leading us to conclude that our collective fave (the purple-y Riptide Rush) was robbed. Robbed, I say! "It looks plain, but then you have it and it's a magical riptide rush," says Dennis Lee, my fellow staff writer. Associate editor Aimee Levitt was quick to point out that Cool Blue may be the most accessible, which is a fair point. I'd also like to add that Cool Blue doesn't stain your lips and teeth the way Fruit Punch or Riptide Rush might, which is an aesthetic plus.

For more information on America's Gatorade preferences, I took to the streets. (Twitter. I... scrolled Twitter.)


Twitter users do, in fact, seem pretty down with Cool Blue. "I appreciate small gestures more than the big ones in most cases," tweeted @MADWAVYY. "Something small and simple as buying me a cool blue Gatorade from the store because you remembered what I like and thought about me." Put that way, I guess it's not so much the flavor as the sentiment behind the flavor. And I think that's beautiful.