Last Call: The Best Meals To Eat In Front Of The TV All Weekend

Today, I was positively inspired by Allison's Beef Wellington Pot Pie recipe, in which she explains the transformation of stuffy, fancy beef Wellington into this more cozy, casual dish:

In this recipe, I transformed beef Wellington into a pot pie that can serve four people, with enough leftovers for a second dinner. Provided my husband and children stay on my good side, we all get to have a classy beef Wellington together while we sit on the couch and watch TV.

My couch is, after my dog, the most important member of my household. It's an integral part of my weekend plans, motivating me to get all my cleaning and errands done by midday Saturday so that I can slouch into its squishy depths and watch Paddington 2 for the fourth time [this month]. Rarely do I ever eat meals on the couch, though. I don't like vacuuming crumbs out of the shag rug beneath it, and the kitchen is all the way on the opposite end of my apartment, meaning that dinner requires a hallway's worth of transit if I want to pair it with Netflix.

So, what are the meals that lend themselves best to a lazy, comfy dinner in front of the TV? Some of you might reply, "TV dinners, DUH!" but I don't actually think that's the answer, and by the way, stop being rude. TV dinners lend themselves better to a TV tray, a thing I don't have and don't wish to acquire. I want a meal I can hold in my lap cross-legged on the sofa while Paddington kickstarts his window-washing business. Something in a bowl would probably be best for that, and minimal crumbliness would also be ideal. Soup or cereal would be an utter disaster, spreading a path of destruction along the spoon's journey from the bowl to my mouth. And probably nothing too salty, because my river of tears will provide adequate salination once Mr. Brown begins his all too brief monologue about how Paddington always looks for the good in everyone, and somehow, he finds it.

Readers, please tell me what to eat from the couch this weekend. And don't forget to wish Aunt Lucy a happy 100th birthday.