Werner Herzog Reveals His Favorite Movie Snack

Even among the legends of the film industry, Werner Herzog stands as a singular titan. Since the late '60s, the German filmmaker has directed more than three dozen feature-length films and documentaries, numerous shorts and other projects beyond those, and on one occasion dragged a ship through the Peruvian wilderness for the sake of art.

He's developed a rabid fanbase over time, in no small part due to his idiosyncratic approaches to most of life. Whether through his Rogue Film School, which among other things promises "the exhilaration of being shot at unsuccessfully" in its curriculum, or in his characteristically offbeat interviews, Herzog has been able to parlay his deadpan eccentricities into a double life as a cinematic legend and a self-aware cult icon.

As Chicago's famed Music Box Theatre celebrates its 90th anniversary, Herzog was asked to weigh in on an always-pressing matter: his favorite movie theater snack.

It's hard (at best) to argue for anything other than popcorn as the definitive movie snack, least of all when it's coming from one of world cinema's most venerated artists. No matter how much butter you prefer, sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason.

And for a bonus, while we're on the subject of Werner Herzog, here are his thoughts on the subject of chickens: