Wendy's Social Media Team Smells Blood, Pounces On Wounded Wildebeest McDonald's

In the bloodthirsty, no-holds-barred turf war between fast food social media teams, Wendy's is the hunter and McDonald's the hunted.

Hours after what we presume is an accidental tweet from McDonald's corporate social media account, Wendy's was quick to pounce, like a savage lion on a wounded wildebeest:

Damn, Wendy's, who ordered a side of sass with that Frosty?

The real story is in what Wendy's calls its customer engagement team, profiled this week by the Columbus Dispatch. Wendy's built an in-house team of 16 employees in 2014, handling letters, calls, and social media interactions from customers, as well as ruthlessly burning fast food competitors on Twitter:

The moral of this story: Clowns best not be fucking around with redheads.