Weed Use Highest Among Colorado Hospitality Workers Who Have To Put Up With Your Bullshit

Recreational marijuana use has been legal in Colorado since 2014, but a recent study marks the first time the state has examined which occupations are most likely to take advantage. NBC News reports the Colorado Department Of Health commissioned the survey of roughly 10,000 workers, which found that hotel and restaurant employees are the group most likely to partake of massive bong rips. About 30 percent of those workers said they use marijuana in some form.

This isn't surprising. The hospitality industry, historically speaking, has not been strict about drug testing its employees—if companies even have a policy at all. And let's be real: It's difficult to put up with hundreds of needy customers all day without something to take the edge off at the end of your shift. When you've just spent all day schlepping heavy suitcases for measly tips or serving martinis to assholes, you can hardly be blamed for wanting to indulge in some totally legal relaxation at the end of the night.

But public safety officials express concern over whether marijuana use could lead to higher incidents of workplace injury. Hospitality and service industry employees do potentially work near hot stoves, kitchen equipment, or motor vehicles, but higher incidents of injury would theoretically only be correlated with marijuana use at work, not after-hours. The study did not ask whether employees were high as fuck while doing their jobs. Unsurprisingly, the study did find the lowest rates of marijuana use in industries that perform routine drug testing, including healthcare, teaching, utilities, and mining and gas. Your bartender, on the other hand, can definitely point you in the direction of the city's best dispensary.