These Cocktails Will Get You High

A new THC-infused spirit is coming to fill in for your favorite liquors.

There's a new way to get a buzz from your cocktails without the complications that alcohol can cause. California-based beverage company MXXN (pronounced "moon," obviously) provides cannabis-infused substitutes for bourbon, gin, and tequila with the promise of no hangover the next day.


Unlike other drinkables on the market like THC-infused beers, wines, and aperitifs, this new product is meant to be a 1:1 replacement for cocktail recipes—instead of tossing 1 ounce of gin in your next negroni, you can add 1 ounce of MXXN's London Dry for a similar taste and 4 mg of THC. Each of the varieties (Kentucky Oak is the bourbon substitute and Jalisco Agave stands in for tequila) contains the same amount of THC per ounce (100 mg per bottle), and the effects of that dose are supposed to hit within 15 to 30 minutes.

The bottles are not yet on the market (and eventually only will be in states where cannabis is legal), so there's no saying yet how these flavors compare to the real thing or how much the weed flavor (or smell) creeps through. But MXXN seems pretty confident that you won't be missing your go-to liquors, providing its own list of cocktail recipes for mixologists of every level, from classics like Old Fashioneds and margaritas to a blended Lychee "gin" drink and a "tequila" passion fruit mixture with shaved ginger.


The folks behind the brand are bar industry vets hoping to change the culture of both the cocktail and cannabis industries. To that end, they promise on their site that "a portion of the proceeds from the sale of MXXN go to organizations working to pass federal marijuana reform that acknowledges the disproportionate harm faced by low-income, Black, Latinx communities." Microdosing with martinis while supporting a good cause? Sounds like a win-win.