We Drank 35-Million Year Old Whale Beer With The Jesus Lizard's David Yow

When we—The Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid-savvy members of The A.V. Club staff—heard David Yow was coming into the office, we knew we had to figure out some way to get him to have a beer with us. And thus this Taste Test was born. Above, Sean O'Neal, Yow, and I crack open a big ol' bottle of Lost Rhino's Bone Dusters Paleo Amber Ale, a beer made with yeast scraped off 35 million-year-old whale fossils. The beer was made in tandem with Paleo Quest, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing paleontology and talking about dinosaurs and stuff, so drinkers can feel smug about the fact that the beer is not only pure, delicious alcohol, but also somewhat charitable. And, as you'll see in the video above, pretty tasty, dinosaur dust and all. (The Paleo Diet approved meat straws we break out later in the video, though... gross. Not recommended. Don't.)