We Challenge You To Mess Up These Foolproof Greek Peas

It's a new week of What's In The House? and Stephanie is kicking things off with a dish you'll want in your regular rotation: Greek Peas. This recipe comes courtesy of Stephanie's incredibly Greek family, and all the ingredients are in her incredibly Greek aunt and uncle's house, where she's house sitting and sheltering in place solo. But you've probably got all the ingredients in your kitchen, too, even if you're not the least bit Greek.

These peas welcome your own interpretations. Want to chuck some neglected baby carrots in there? Go ahead! Want to leave carrots out and let the peas shine? Also fine. Want to serve it up with an avalanche of feta on top? We encourage it! Want to sit on the floor and drink a floor beer while you wait for the veggies to finish cooking? Stephanie can attest that this works like a charm. So come on, grab a turkey baster full of olive oil and try making some Greek Peas today.