We Can't Figure Out Who Calvin Klein's $390 Kitchen Gloves Are For

Color us confused: The New York Post reports today on Calvin Klein's new $390 pair of kitchen rubber gloves, which debuted recently as CK "head designer Raf Simons sent models down his spring catwalk in rubber accessories that—price notwithstanding—are nearly identical to the kind you buy from your local bodega."

So many questions: Namely, if you have $390 for kitchen gloves, you likely have someone else washing your dishes for you. So the only person who might actually be interested in these would be notorious clean-freak movie star Joan Crawford, and she's dead. So who are these actually for? Is a person supposed to wear them like silk elbow-high gloves with an evening gown, à la Cruella De Vil? Do those people exist?

This kicked off a conversation among The Takeout staff as to whether any of us wear kitchen gloves to do dishes. Turns out, we don't. Which could be why my manicure looks like ass right now. I'm still not buying $390 gloves.