We Ate Walking Dead-Inspired "Human Flesh" Burgers

As a publicity stunt for The Walking Dead premiere in London earlier this fall, chef Jim Thomlinson researched the taste of actual human flesh, reading accounts of famous cannibals William Seabrook and Issei Sagawa, in order to create a burger that approximated the taste. (Thomlinson did not, as far as we know, actually eat any human flesh himself.) He eventually published the quite-simple recipe on Facebook, and we were eager to try it. Rather than cook it ourselves, though, we decided to engage the services of the most metal burger joint in the world, Chicago's Kuma's Corner, whose burgers are named after bands. David Bacso and his cohorts went above and beyond, cooking up some plain burgers—equal parts pork and veal, plus some bone marrow—and then dressing a couple more up, Kuma's style: One had bacon, pepper-jack, and peppers, and the other featured goat cheese and sriracha. To keep with the theme, each was topped with a cute little bacon-raspberry brain. We have no idea whether these burgers actually tasted like human flesh, but they were plenty delicious, so we're anxious for the zombie-pocalypse.