Watch Two Sacramento Kings Fans Eat Mayo From The Jar During A Game

We all know the concessions at professional sports game are a rip-off. $8 for a hot dog? Why bother when you can bring your own mayo jar, right?

Two fans who attended Monday night's Sacramento Kings game were captured on camera enjoying a few hearty scoops of Best Foods brand mayo straight off a silver spoon, which they presumably brought from home.

Reaction to the video has mostly been of the "ew, for real?" variety, but we're digging deeper and asking the tough questions, including: How do you get a large jar of mayo through event security? Had they both agreed on the plan? (One woman seems skeptical of the snack before shrugging "It's okay.") Was this part of some sort of mayo-based stunt designed to go viral? A bizarre marketing effort for Best Foods mayo? If so, mission accomplished.