Watch Two Dudes Make A Salad In One Second

Ah, salads. So good for you, but the slicing, the dicing, the pulling together of all the ingredients: such a drag, right? Like yourselves, we've often thought of how great it would be if we just put all those veggies in a cannon, and shot it through a grate made of knives, which would instantly shred our carrots, lettuce, and cabbage.


Luckily, someone has already made that giant mess for us: The Slow-Mo Guys from YouTube's The Super Slow Show, who specialize in "slow motion 4K stunts." The program is aptly named, as you really need the slow-motion to appreciate the beauty of al those vegetables being diced to pieces. We've watched this mesmerizing video five times already; we'll probably watch it again at least that many times.

In the end, while admitting that it's not the greatest salad they've ever had, the guys discover that the process took even less than a second: actually only about .3 of a second. The considerable cleanup, we can only imagine, took a while longer.