Washington Post Writer Joins Rank Of Pineapple-Pizza Defenders

Is there any food as divisive as pineapple pizza? Even avocado toast debates must take a back seat to the arguments over the merits of tropical fruit on pizza. At The Takeout, we've clearly established that we're on the pro side:

And, we're not alone. The Washington Post's Tim Carman felt so strongly about pineapple on pizza that he had ordered some from a restaurant called We The Pizza and served it to dubious tasters. He reported in his resulting Post article "Pineapple on pizza is easy to hate—at least in theory," that "a funny thing happened during our tasting. No one actually hated the Hawaiian at We The Pizza, even the self-described haters." One participant commented, "I wanted to be a real [jerk] about it. Now I can't."

Carman maintains that pineapple-pizza haters have in fact been served inferior pineapple pizza, that the failing was all in the execution. Since We The Pizza's creation was exemplary, people liked it. Still, the paper he works for couldn't help tossing Carman some shade when it tweeted out the story:

Asked about his response to the strong reactions his story is receiving, Carman told The Takeout: "I guess I had two thoughts on the matter: that Hawaiian pizza has been written about so often people wouldn't have the appetite for another piece. But I also thought this story punctured a hole, although a small one, into gas bag of hate toward Hawaiian pizza. I was hoping that might generate a reaction, pro or con. I was really grateful that it did!"

Here's some advice from Carman's story: If you want to try pineapple pizza, make sure you're ordering it from your absolute favorite pizza place. Like Carman's tasters, you may find that you actually like it.