Walmart To Use Driverless Vehicles For Grocery Delivery

In the future, no one will go to the grocery store and cars will drive themselves. Walmart has decided to bring the future to us all a little early by partnering with the autonomous vehicle company Nuro to bring groceries directly to customers. The pilot program, which Walmart announced last week, will start in early 2020 in Houston.

Nuro will be using two types of vehicle: a driverless Prius and a custom delivery vehicle called R2, TechCrunch reports, that doesn't even have space for a driver. Nuro is also working with Domino's and Kroger on driverless delivery.

So far, Walmart has been relying on third parties for its grocery delivery. TechCrunch reports that the retailer's ecommerce revenue has been down, which is quite possibly a concern with Amazon's plans to expand its own grocery business.