Vodka Is The Most Regifted Booze, You Cheap Bastards

The U.K.'s Express reports that vodka is the most regifted booze in Britain during the holidays, with three million bottles hastily rewrapped and foisted upon friends each year. We'd bet Americans do the same.

Vodka as a category has had a rocky past few years, as consumers turned away from the clear spirit in favor of small-batch whiskeys and other dark spirits that led the craft cocktail renaissance. A February presentation by the Distilled Spirits Council shows vodka's sales growth beginning to rebound, but apparently not enough to save it from rampant regifting.

It's not that vodka is unpopular: The spirit still accounts for a third of all liquor volume in the U.S., according to the Distilled Spirits Council report. That may explain why the bottle of Belvedere your coworker gave you feels redundant; odds are, you already have one your shelf.

The least-regifted spirit, according to the U.K. survey? Cognac. Hell yes, if Santa puts some Remy under the tree, I am keeping. That. Shit.