Pickle Chips Coming

As reported by Food Business News (and brought to our attention by Esquire), Conagra Brands, Inc.—a company which includes Orville Redenbacher's, Duncan Hines, Slim Jim, and other brands—is in the process of expanding its reach in the snack world. It's a big world, the snack world, but we think this particular entrant will make a lot of headway.


Behold: Pickle chips.

Don't get excited, these aren't available yet. According to a spokesperson for Conagra, these beauties remain "in [the] innovation pipeline, but still in development." Still, gimme.

These beauties were announced at the company's Investor Day on April 10, during which an executive described them as "vacuum-fried pickle chips" with "essentially no calories or carbs." That's because these are basically just pickles, but chips. They're also working on single-serving pickle slices, which sound considerably sillier, but hey, who knows.

Pickle-flavored chips are already a thing, of course. They're very popular in Canada, a country with such a sophisticated potato chip culture that ketchup-flavor is accepted and embraced. In the U.S., you can sometimes find a bag of Dill Pickle flavored Lay's, as well as pickle flavors from Pringles, Zapp's, and the mighty McClure's Garlic Dill kettle chips.


Other snacks set to arrive on some bright new day in the future: Slim Jim Fire Fries, Slim Jim Fried Pork rinds, and single-serving cake cups from Duncan Hines, which will come with toppings like Oreo cookie pieces, pudding (Snack Packs are also a Conagra joint), and "unicorn-themed cookies."