Pizza Chain To Start Selling "Just The Crusts" Box

What's your favorite portion of a pizza slice? People who entirely discard the crust baffle me, as that's where—at good pizzerias at least—you can taste the earthy graininess of the flour, perhaps the tang of a sourdough, the char of the wood oven. Me? I like the inch that directly abuts the crust, as you get the best of both worlds, texturally. If you're a die-hard crust fan though, then listen up to Villa Italian Kitchen's new offer: the crust-only box.


That's right, from the chain that brought you gender-reveal lasagnas comes a "Just The Crusts" box, at participating locations nationwide starting July 18. (There are more than 225 Villas across the country.) Before you go commenting about pizzerias that already offer breadsticks, let's clear this up: You and I both know breadsticks are not the same as pizza crust. They're much softer, and often topped with some garlic butter or cheese. Also, I am not here for your "Just The Tips" jokes.

But, a few questions come to mind immediately: First, how will Villa price this first-of-its-kind offering? (Update: They'll sell for $2.75 per box.) Second, where do these crusts come from? Presumably they're not cut off whole pies—that seems wasteful considering there's no "No Crusts" pie on offer—so are they rolled out and baked as logs?


"To make the crust, we use our handmade, fresh dough and create the outline of our famed Neapolitan pizza. Our staff of crust experts delicately position splashes of sauce and cheese around the outline, which is then baked to golden-brown perfection," Villa's director of communications and digital market, Mimi Wunderlich, tells The Takeout. "We wanted to provide an authentic crust experience, which is why it is done this way."

Before we close this very important pizza-anatomy discussion, I want to know which part of the pizza slice is your favorite. Please comment referencing this incredible pizza-zones diagram which I, a graphic designer, made for you.