Video Of Tomato-Stealing Mailman Exonerates Wrongly Accused Squirrel

George Orwell's novel 1984 predicted that Big Brother would be watching. Now that the future is here, it turns out everyone is. In the world of readily available cameras and social media postings, you really can't expect to get away with much anymore. As the McDonald's employee who forgot she was on mic and had her private phone all turned into an online video recently learned. Or the groper of a cocktail waitress who went to jail after the video was viewed. Or even the good samaritan who switched seats on an airplane and wound up in a viral story of a #PlaneBae romance, eventually having to get a lawyer to communicate that the story is really a "digital-age cautionary tale about privacy, identity, ethics and consent."

So head-ups, y'all: Eyes are everywhere. This mailman was just the latest culprit to be caught, as he partook of tomatoes and strawberries growing near the Montreal home of the Morin family. CNN has the hard-hitting report: When tomatoes from the plant went missing, the family assumed squirrels were to blame. But a security camera (which the Morins said they watched "for fun": 2018, everybody) revealed that it was actually their mailman who was enjoying their produce bounty: "Security camera footage shows that the mailman treated himself to the Morins' produce on several occasions, eating as many as 10 of the fruits in recent days."

There is no word from the errant mailman, but the mailman's boss Canada Post is aware of the situation. The Morins tell CNN partner CTV News that all would be forgiven with "a strawberry pie or some tomato sauce." Watch your back, people. Don't do anything you wouldn't want anyone to see, because someone probably can.