Vehicles Just Keep Crashing Into This Unfortunate Massachusetts Restaurant

We can't imagine what the insurance payments are like for Brockton, Massachusetts' Heidi's Place. Vehicles have crashed into the breakfast-and-lunch restaurant three times in just over two years, The Boston Globe reports, likely the result of its location at a busy intersection. Owners say they've called on the mayor's office and the Department Of Public Works to address the unsafe intersection.


The first accident came on the night of July 4, 2016, and shuttered the restaurant for a month as they waited for insurance claims to process. The second accident took place last year, and prompted ownership to reach out to the mayor's office to ask if the city couldn't install guardrails between the sidewalk and the restaurant. (The city said it couldn't, as the rails would create an accessibility barrier for people with disabilities.)

Then, on Sunday, another vehicle slammed into the side of Heidi's Place.

"I said to myself, 'not again,'" the restaurant's owner Maggie Kosmidis tells the Globe.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the accident.

But it's still causing headaches for the Kosmidis family. The mayor says the city will install two additional stop signs at the restaurant's intersection, where currently there are only two stop signs for four directions of traffic.


As Maggie Kosmidis' son told the Globe: "I'm hoping that this time, third time's a charm."