Vegetable Mac And Cheese Flies In The Face Of Convention

Welcome to What's In The House? in which Stephanie takes a look around at her dwindling kitchen supply and forces dinner to reveal itself.

We've already learned that pasta is a great way to Hoover up odds and ends in the fridge and leave behind minimal food waste. Now it's time to apply those learnings to another ubiquitous variety of pasta: boxed macaroni, complete with its blaze-orange packet of cheese powder. While many Kraft enthusiasts insist that this product is perfect just the way it is, it's undeniable that adding some red peppers, mushrooms, and steamed broccoli to the mix will transform your humble meal into something much more colorful and nutritious, with a variety of textures to bite into. But it'll also show you just how many vegetables pair well with cheese sauce, and that's knowledge that'll serve you well for a lifetime.

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