Vegan Taco Truck Owner Refused To Serve Cops And Ugghh This Story Sucks Here's A Puppy

Does anyone look good coming out of this story? It is, in a sense, a microcosm of our current state of tribalism, where people not on your team are automatically the enemy, and where no shades of grey can exist.

Detroit Metro Times tells us of this story over the weekend: Rocky Coronado is a self-described "brown queer person" and owner of a vegan taco and coffee truck called Rocky's Road Brew, which has a policy of not serving law enforcement. On Friday, two people wearing bulletproof vests and badge walked up to the truck. When Coronado wouldn't serve them, the situation escalated quickly—in the usual path that situations escalate in 2018—first in raised voices, then with phones taken out and pictures taken, then a Facebook post Coronado said were from the officers that were refused service, and finally, a torrent of harassing comments and one-star reviews from who Coronado said were from "All Lives Matter, 'Patriots,' MAGA, & 'Christians.'"

This story is all-around ugly. The resolution is ugly. No one comes out of this in a happier place. Really, we apologize for making you read this far—you probably feel slightly shittier now.

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