Vegan Called Out For Bringing Own Food To Wedding Weekend

One of the toughest parts of planning a wedding dinner is accommodating all of your guests, especially if some have dietary restrictions. We can only imagine that a particular wedding guest currently getting called out on Daily Mail and Fox News was trying to be helpful by bringing her own vegan food nearly everywhere she went during her college roommate's wedding. But a fellow guest recently posted on the fun Facebook page called "That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming," this particular person's food choices apparently annoyed everyone else at the wedding events a few years back.

The poster explained "the bride-to-be had made special arrangements for the vegan guest, but she'd been insistent that she brought her own food, and carried the Tupperware everywhere she went." For example, "We went to a nice restaurant Saturday night, with plenty of vegan options (we checked the menu for her ahead of time) but she insisted on lugging a HUGE Tupperware container of her special food out." There's even a shot of that guest's container of prunes under her chair at the outdoor wedding service. The poster concluded, "Basically the whole weekend revolved around her being vegan and rude about it and she drove us crazy."

But, Brides magazine points out that there are also some commenters out there on the vegan's side. Said one, "Honestly I wish I brought food for the weddings I've been to. The vegan options were SAD and barely enough to feed a toddler. And I wouldn't want to pay for food that I wasn't eating either."

What do you think, Takeout commentariat? Was this person a weddingzilla guest or just an attention-seeking person who happened to be vegan? (Maybe a little from column A, a little from column B?)