Vacationers In Idaho Can Stay In A Potato Hotel

I know someone whose main source of income comes from renting out properties on Airbnb, and she tells me the most important factor in getting a successful booking is in how much the photographs stand out.

If you're looking to vacay in Boise, Idaho, you'll likely not find a listing with photographs as intriguing as this one, because it's a hotel in a giant-ass potato.

Check out this video tour, too:

This giant Russet potato, which is actually not a potato but is merely shaped like Idaho's official cash crop, is being listed for $200 a night. The listing says it weighs six tons and was originally used by the Idaho Potato Commission and rode on the back of a semi, traveling the country and spreading the good word. The Potato Hotel (its official name) now includes a queen bed, seating space for two, a separate bathroom outside located in a converted silo, and is located southeast of downtown Boise surrounded by 400 acres of farmland. It's booked through May, and it looks nice. And now I have a hankering for fries.