These Tips For Reusing Coffee Grounds And Eggshells Will Make You Feel Like A Real Homesteader

It is approximately week 2,862 of quarantine. The cost of groceries is heading steadily upward. In many places, salons and spas are still closed, and we all look like hell. But, at least according to this article in The Irish Times, the solutions to some of our problems lie in our very own refrigerators and pantries, and we can start working on them during breakfast. Specifically, the coffee grounds and eggshells that we carelessly toss into the trash every day.

But their uses are myriad! You can use them as garden fertilizer! After all, growing things is so much cheaper than going out and buying them all the time. You also get to become one of those people who distribute endless amounts of tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini to family, friends, and coworkers every year.

You can use them as an exfoliator and skin toner. You can use them as an astringent to scrub pots. Did you know that coffee grounds can be used as a deodorizer? Now you do! And did you know eggshells can be used to brighten your lights in the laundry? Now you know that, too!

I see that I've used a lot of exclamation points here. Mostly because it's exciting to find previously unknown uses for your garbage. And hey, it's something to do once you've gone through your Netflix queue and gotten bored with your Animal Crossing island and perfected your Facebook avatar. Who knows what sorts of things we'll discover to entertain ourselves in the next month or two?